The best produce from Perthshire and beyond!

Vegetarian Recipes

Butternut squash is one of my favourite winter veggies to use in the kitchen. Aside from being so versatile, its packed full of vitamins A and C and fibre.

Cakes and Bakes

With a couple of small peanut butter fans in my house, the obvious choice for Shrove Tuesday this year was the peanut butter version.

Healthy Recipes

It really is a whole meal in a bowl, with chicken thighs packing it full of flavour and wholesome protein. add to this the abundance of Super foods Alex has added and you have a bowlful of tasty, healthy goodness right there..


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The idea was born out of a desire to show-off. Show-off this great wee city that is punching well above its weight.  Perth has some of the biggest, loudest and brightest personalities I know. People that are going about their daily lives doing things that are amazing or interesting or just a bit barmy. It has arts, culture, comedy, sports, music and an outdoor playground unlike any other. It also has a nice bridge, I know.


We're not Glasgow or Edinburgh or Dundee. We're Perth. We're small, compact and bijou. We host international sporting events and open mic days in the pub.  We love our team so much we painted the town blue and white. We know strangers by name because they are our cousin's best-pal's daughter. We are just ever-so-slightly eccentric in so many different ways we don't even realise how marvellous we are.


Perth and its People are vibrant and alive with an energy that's built on the funny, quirky and fabulous. The Small City with Big Personality.


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